Chili Fire Department

Our Mission

The mission of the Chili Fire Department is to provide professional emergency and non-emergency services to the Town of Chili while at the same time offering a challenging and rewarding atmosphere for both members and employees of the Chili Fire Department.

 Welcome to the Chili Fire Department


Proudly staffed by volunteers since 1931, the Chili Fire Dept. consists of 4 stations covering approximately 27 square miles and a population of roughly 29,000 in southwestern Monroe County, NY.  

2023 Stats

Total Calls - 1,048

Total Volunteer Hours - 2,765.58

2023 CFD Annual Fact Sheet HIGHLIGHTS ONLY.pdf

Safety Bulletin - Lithium Ion Batteries

NYC e-bike related fires have killed nine people and injured 164 others in the last two years, the NY Post reported this week. Drones, smartphones, and electric vehicles are all powered by lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are susceptible to 'thermal runaways', a chain reaction that quickly releases large amounts of energy along with toxic gases. Use copious amounts of water to extinguish these fires and ensure quick searches of affected areas.

Click here for the full safety bulletin.